Travel Tips and Strategies for Familes

Travel Tips and Strategies for Familes

Clubbing holidays in South East Asia

Amelia Gomez

If you are looking for a clubbing holiday look no further than Southeast Asia. Just a stone's throw from Australia, you can find all manner of clubbing options from the high glitz of Hong Kong and Singapore clubs to the beachside full moon parties in Koh Samui through to the down and dirty backstreet bars of Bangkok.

Here are some tips to make sure your clubbing holiday is a success. 

Only drink from sealed drinks

As you spend all night dancing and enjoying the local sites and sounds, you may get quite thirsty. It's important to still only drink from sealed water bottles and not get mixers or ice from unknown origins in your drink. Many locations in Southeast Asia still don't have fresh drinking water from taps, and especially for people who aren't used to the water, this can easily lead to a range of unpleasant waterborn illness from mild cases of gastro to Hepatitis A and dysentery. Spending all day on the toilet will put a dampener on how much energy you have to dance all night! Try bringing some water bottles with you from a store or the hotel when you go to the clubs. 

Research your location

If you are LGBTI, it's a good idea to research your location before you head off. Some regions in Southeast Asia have a very open approach to homosexuality, while it can be an illegal and imprisonable offence in other locations. Thailand is known for it's progressive and open approach to LGBTI rights and has a well regarded party and clubbing scene, so can be a great option for clubbing holidays if you have some out and proud LGBTI people in your group. 

Stay in a good hotel

If you are spending all night partying, you'll want to come back to a nice quiet hotel, with good air conditioning, where you can sleep. Booking your holiday through a specialty clubbing holidays travel agency can make sure you have a location that is nice and close to the clubbing hotspots, while quiet for long days of sleeping. It can also be a great way to find a place with a pool and a swim up bar so that you can have some casual drinks and cool off during the days. 

If you are planning a clubbing holiday in Southeast Asia it's a great idea to get some advice from a specialist travel agency. This can help ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable clubbing holidays with friends. 


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